Happy birthday to me

29 Aug

Well it’s August 29, so that means I’m a year older. Though at least I’m not as old as the Voyagers (space geeks – contain your laughter!).

I try not to get overly worked up over birthdays, however I do always have a night out with friends. I’m a social person to begin with, so it seems like a reasonable excuse to have some fun. My birthday is also at the end of the summer and usually close to a long weekend, making a get-together a little easier to plan.

One thing hit me this year though: I have been complaining for a few years now that I’m going through a quarter-life crisis. One of my friends pointed out though that unless I am going to live to be 108, I am more realistically at this point going through a one third-life crisis. That was a depressing moment. I have since realised though that I do plan to live longer than 81….so let’s split the difference and call it a two-sevenths life crisis.

Also of note, I share my birthday with two astronauts: Chris Hadfield and Thomas Marshburn. Oh and you may also have heard of this guy: Michael Jackson, who was born August 29, 1958.


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