Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

Of course we always need to be grateful to our mums, since without their efforts none of us would be here. They have cared for us, looked out for us, and generally love us unconditionally.

Kids and their mums often share many things. Vacations, music, experiences, and so on. Something that maybe isn’t quite so common: playing hockey.

As a kid I always played hockey in the local house league, and it was always my dad who would take me to early morning practices and late night games. I’m not going to tell you that story though – at least not yet, since it isn’t father’s day. As I got older I joined a men’s league, and after a couple seasons myself and some childhood friends put together a father-son team in the Scarborough ASHL.

Except in my case it was a father-son-mother team.

My mum had been taking figure skating lessons (over the years of watching myself and my little brother on the ice playing hockey I guess she felt like taking to the ice as well) but after a couple years she decided it wasn’t violent enough. So she traded her dainty figure skates for, well, dainty hockey skates (they were pink) and started taking power skating classes.

That brings us back to the Scarborough ASHL and our team the Dublin Rams. Our team was a lot of fun, and after a couple seasons I got the impression that we all started to realize how neat it was for us, as adults, to get to play hockey with our parents (several of whom had been our minor league coaches many years earlier). For me though there was the extra neat/unique fact that I got to play with both my father and my mother. And! We even won the league championship a couple times (though I don’t say this to brag since we played in the lower divisions, but to emphasize just how darn cool it was – and I realize that even more now looking back on it).

Here are my mum and I during a couple games:

Mum and I during a game

ASHL Champions

2009-2010 Dublin Rams - ASHL Champions

What made me think of all this? Well, besides it being Mother’s Day and the fact that I often reminisce and think about things like this…A couple days ago on a TSN Cabbie Presents spot; he hung around with the mum of Ricky Romero (pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays). It was a fun bit (click here to watch it in the TSN Video player), but what struck me was how neat it was for the MLB players to be able to share what they love with their mum.

Just as it was a wonderful thing to be able to share playing hockey with my mum.

So on Mother’s Day get your mum some flowers, or some chocolate, or a bottle of wine (depending on how stressful it is for her to be your mother) – whatever she wants. She deserves it. But beyond all that make sure you appreciate the time you get to share with her.

Love you mum.

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