I feel so valued!

29 Jun

Everyone gets annoyed by bank account fees, credit card fees, and so on. Having to pay someone to hold our money for us – while they make money by collecting interest on it, through loaning it out to other people – who also pay fees – is all kinds of annoying.

And then I got this TD Canada Trust Visa statement:

TD Canada Trust Visa

(click the image to view it larger)

Now I don’t use this Visa for, well, anything. In fact I only have it in case I find myself somewhere that doesn’t accept Master Card or American Express, and that only happened once: about six years ago while I was in Costa Rica, in paying the exit tax, they only accepted Visa. So it should be pretty easy to spot the line on that statement that has piqued my interest.

“Valued Customer Credit” – sounds great! They’re giving me some reward since I have had this card for about 10 years.

Except, it’s actually a charge on my card – not a credit!

So TD Canada Trust and Visa value me so much that they have decided to relieve me of $10.

I am hoping this is a mistake and when I call them (after the long weekend) they will correct it – and I will update this post once I follow up with TD.

It is my suspicion though – knowing my bank – that the charge isn’t a mistake and they will maintain that I owe them $10, all in the name of being a valued customer.

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