Summer on Mars versus winter in Canada

31 Dec

We all know that it gets cold in Canada in the winter. It was -30° in Winnipeg today (and reportedly touched -50°C with the windchill early in the morning). And it routinely gets even colder.

We also think of Mars as a cold, desolate world – and it is. But it is also a world of weather. It has wind, snow, and seasons.

And as we’re enjoying winter here in Canada, it’s actually warmer in the southern hemisphere on Mars where the Curiosity rover is roving around these days. It continues to trek towards Mount Sharp in the Gale Crater.

The best part of this: summer on Mars can actually get comfortably warm. Temperatures on Mars can reach 20°C. Though in the winters it drops as low as -150°C. (read more about Mars’ climate here)

All the same, it’s still fun to think about the times that it’s warmer on Mars than it is here on Earth.

(for those concerned, it’s a balmy -8°C here in Toronto today)

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