Victoria Day or May 2-4?

7 May

It always makes sense to start with a bang, so here we go!

The Victoria Day long weekend is a mere two weeks away. In 2012 it falls on Monday, May 21. A great long weekend to get out of the city, to spend with friends and family, or to do none of the above if you work in the tourism industry and you have to work (I’m not bitter though).

In 2012 though, it isn’t clear to me whether the more important holiday – May 2-4 – should occur on the long weekend (May 19-21) or the weekend immediately following May 24th (May 26-27).

I feel the precedence says that it would be the 19-21, since that’s the long weekend, but doesn’t that mean that “May 2-4” is just a different name for Victoria Day?

This is pretty short-sighted. If we can have a long weekend (Victoria Day) AND a separate May 2-4 weekend this year, then shouldn’t we take advantage of this opportunity? We do, after all, in Canada get left in the dust when it comes to holiday time. In Sweden for example, there are 25 Statutory Holiday days per year, PLUS 11 Public holidays (that’s a total of 36 holidays!). Compare that to the 11 or so that we get here in Canada (though it varies a little from province to province, and whether or not you work for the government).

So I say it’s time to separate Victoria Day and May 2-4, and make sure we maximize our holiday time. While we’re at it, we should also probably create a holiday on May 25th, centred around sleeping in, coffee, and Gatorade.

Fireworks on the late at the cottage

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