Vote for me in the Axe Apollo competition

12 Jan

Dear friends,

I have entered myself into the Axe Apollo Space Academy competition.

This is a competition put on by the Axe company to promote their new Apollo brand. The winners will get to attend the astronaut training program and then fly into space!

No, really, you can vote me into space. How cool is that?

As a life-long space enthusist, dreamer, amature astronomer – not to mention pilot and working in a Science & Technology centre devoted to engaging people with science – I can’t imagine doing something more awesome than this.

So if you could, please click this link and VOTE for me – and if you have any friends who could help out, please ask them to vote as well. Clicking Share or Like at the bottom of this post would be amazing.

Your help is out of this world!

Thanks so much for your support,


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